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Tuesday 16 January 2018

The Shocking Truth Of 457 Visas - Mitchell Rock's Story

Paul Zanetti Saturday 6 May 2017

The following is a story that should sadden every true blooded Australian.

A Letter To Pauline Hanson

Paul Zanetti Sunday 26 March 2017

Dear Pauline, many Australians admire you because you say what they think.

Bill Leak - From Outrageous Lefty to Outrageous Conservative

Paul Zanetti Monday 13 March 2017

One of the great unsolved mysteries of baffled socialist elitists while Bill Leak was with us was, what happened to him?

Never A Bleak Day With Bill

Paul Zanetti Friday 10 March 2017

Bill Leak wasn’t counting on leaving us. He had other plans, which centred on getting back to his first love, painting.

Islam And Women - A Historical Perspective

Paul Zanetti Sunday 19 February 2017

There’s been a lot of open discussion this week about Islam being ‘the most feminist of all religions’, according to the taxpayer funded Islamic activist, Yassmin Abdel- Magied.


Pickering - The Islamophobe And Homophobe

Paul Zanetti Sunday 12 February 2017

We’re all quick to judge, aren’t we? It’s human nature. If we can condemn someone, without knowing their story, or truly understanding their life experiences we feel morally right, virtuous.

Aborigines Not The Only Ones Who Have Suffered

Paul Zanetti Wednesday 25 January 2017

My dear departed dad fled from the Nazis in the '40s who were hunting down any adult males over the age of 9.

BuzzFeed vs Trump - Fake It Till You Make It

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 10 January 2017

When I cut my teeth in the Fairfax and News Corp (then News Ltd) offices, unverified allegations that were riddled with errors were confined to the trash bin.

My Submission To The Govt's Section 18C And Freedom Of Speech Inquiry

Paul Zanetti Wednesday 7 December 2016

Tomorrow's the deadline for submissions to get rid of the repressive Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Pauline Explains - The Dog Ate My Homework

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 6 December 2016

Overnight Pauline Hanson posted another Facebook video, this time responding to the concerns of many of her followers

George Christensen Takes Up The Fight On Halal Certification

Paul Zanetti Sunday 4 December 2016

Last week the maverick, politically incorrect Nationals MP George Christensen rose in the parliament to rattle a few chains on Halal Certification.

Pauline Hanson Please Explain

Paul Zanetti Friday 2 December 2016


Australian Human Rights Commission's Discrimination - And My Reply

Paul Zanetti Friday 25 November 2016

It took a couple of weeks, but this week I received a ‘preliminary assessment’ letter from the Australian Human Rights Commission

An Open Letter To the Hon Linda Burney MP Regarding Her Racist, Sexist, Ageist Comment

Paul Zanetti Sunday 13 November 2016

Dear Ms Burney, I’m writing to you in regard to a statement you made to reporters last Thursday 8th November 2016

The Media Must Get Back To Grass Roots To Survive

Paul Zanetti Sunday 13 November 2016

My mechanic, Steve, and I regularly shoot the breeze whether my car needs fixing or not, and rarely about cars.

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